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The Numerical strategy visualizes (x, y) coordinates.


It mainly aims to answer:

  • What is the relationship between two variables?
  • How does a variation in one variable affect the other?

Presentation metaphor

Data, together with Numerical with frequency.

Context meta-model

The context meta-model of Numerical contains a single class, Target, with two numeric attributes x and y.

Numerical context meta-model.

Visualisation variants

There are three available visualizations:

  • Line Graph and Area Chart, ideal for data ordered by the X axis; and
  • Scatter Plot, for independent x and y values.

Visualisation variants of Numerical.


  • title : string [1..1]. Title of the visualisation.
  • X_label : string [0..1]. Label for the x axis.
  • Y_label : string [0..1]. Label for the y axis.

Motivating example

The strategy can be used to understand the "size" of meta-model concepts in a single chart. In particular, it associates the X and Y coordinates to the number of attributes and relationships of a concept, respectively.

The mapping is domain-agnostic, so it can be reused for any meta-model:
  • TargetSemanticNode
    • x/ this.getDataProperties().length
    • y/ this.getObjectProperties().length
Mapping example.

Application example.