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Bounded metric

The Bounded metric strategy displays a numeric value within a range. The strategy is not bound to any object. Instead, it is populated by the value, minValue, and maxValue properties (which can be fixed or derived).


To display a metric within a range.

Presentation metaphor


Context meta-model

This SMS does not have a context meta-model and, therefore, can be applied to any (meta)-model.

Visualisation variants

The strategy can be visualized as:

  • Angular gauge
  • Gauge chart

Visualisation variants of Bounded metric.


  • title : string [1..1]. Title of the visualisation.
  • value : number [1..1]. The value to be displayed.
  • minValue : number [1..1]. The minimum value of the range.
  • maxValue : number [1..1]. The maximum value of the range.