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COLA 2023

This page contains the data and the plots used in the evaluation of the paper Dandelion: A scalable, cloud-based graphical language workbench for industrial low-code development (2023).

Process mining meta-model

  • Meta-model definition

  • Data generator

    • The following code inserts models of sizes until 1,000,000 into a designated Elasticsearch instance.
    • Edit the URL variable in src/createExperiments.ts. Then, run npm install and npm run createExperiments.
    • metamodelGenerator.rar

Measurements and graphs

RQ1: Loading large models

Can large synthetic models be loaded using Dandelion’s pagination scalability mechanism?

RQ2: Pagination capacity

What is the practical limit of Dandelion’s page capacities?

RQ3: Injection of an existing low-code technology into Dandelion

Can we inject an existing industrial low-code technology into Dandelion, to visualise large industrial models?